uPVC Door Hinge Adjustment – A Helpful Guide

Published 9 May 2023 by Bart
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How do you adjust uPVC door hinges? Sometimes, a little change to a door’s hinges can help it operate more smoothly. But as an installer, it’s important to know how to use this small technique to improve a door’s performance. When you adjust the uPVC door hinges, the door can stop catching on parts of the frame, meaning you get an easier, flowing opening.

At Sternfenster, we believe that knowing how to adjust uPVC door hinges makes installers better. That’s why, when you join our network, you can become one of our Approved Installers by being offered this amongst new uPVC door installations. Since this is such a quick fix for any door, you can recommend it to your installer team to make sure they can offer it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the quickest, easiest way to adjust uPVC door hinges. Sternfenster also offers installation tips for a wide range of products, meaning you’ll know what to do in any situation. Make sure your customers get the prompt, professional service they deserve today. Work with Sternfenster and offer our double glazing products by becoming an Approved Installer!

adjusting upvc door hinges

How To Prepare For Adjusting uPVC Door Hinges?

If you need to adjust the uPVC door hinges, the most important thing to do is check the door. If the door isn’t operating correctly, it could catch on the hinge side or even the lock style. If this is happening, the door may not operate smoothly if you move the door sash from side to side. As a result, you could end up creating a bigger problem.

You should check for several things when preparing to adjust uPVC door hinges. It’s important to make sure the door is installed correctly, is true and plumb in the opening and that any glazing has been correctly toe and heeled. If all of this is correct in the door you are working on, then you can adjust the uPVC door hinges without worry.

From there, you can begin to adjust the uPVC door hinges. Firstly, you’ll need to remove the main cover cap from the hinge to get to it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to move the whole door by adjusting the uPVC door hinges either away from the lock style or towards it by moving the door sash from side to side. But how do you do that correctly without causing unforeseen issues?

upvc door hinge adjustment

Adjusting Door Hinges Laterally

What you should look for once you remove the cover cap is the lateral hinge adjustment screw. With this screw, you’ll be able to adjust the uPVC door hinges. Use a spanner or an Allen key to turn the screw and adjust the door hinges as much as you need to. By turning the screw clockwise, you’ll move the uPVC door sash closer to the lock style, while a counterclockwise motion will move it away.

There is approximately 4mm of movement with each uPVC door hinge, giving you plenty of room to play with to make the right adjustment. However, it’s important not to guess how much it needs. Ensure you take accurate measurements of this adjustment, as you’ll need to make sure each hinge in the door receives the same level of adjustment. Because of this, you’ll keep the door fitted correctly and operating smoothly.

Once you adjust each of the uPVC door hinges, you can then check how the door opens. As long as it opens correctly, you’ll be able to turn the door handle up to the 11 o’clock position and lock the door. Once you’re done, then replace the cover caps. You may also need to make more adjustments if the door is catching on either the top or bottom of the frame.

adjust upvc door hinges installation

Adjusting uPVC Door Hinges Vertically

If the door is catching in these ways, you may need to adjust the uPVC door hinges vertically. To do this, you’ll need to remove the cover cap from the underside of the hinge. From there, you’ll see the vertical hinge adjustment screws. Again, using an Allen key, you can adjust this screw by turning clockwise to raise the design or counterclockwise to lower it.

You should also make the same adjustment on each hinge once again, and there is also a 4mm adjustment limit. As a result, adjusting door hinges vertically is very similar to the lateral process. Once you’ve completed the adjustments, open and close the door to ensure it’s operating smoothly. Also, make sure each lock in the door engages correctly.

Finally, once all hinges are adjusted, and the door works well, you’ll need to go to the inner side of the door. From there, use your Allen key to tighten the locking screw inside the hinge while the door is in the opening position. By doing this, you’ll prevent the door from moving for the owner when they use it every day. Once all that’s done, you’ll have adjusted uPVC door hinges promptly and professionally.

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