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Smart Aluminium Windows

Enhance your home and living with our beautiful aluminium windows. We offer a broad range of aluminium window styles, colours and hardware, helping you to achieve the ideal look for your property. Our Smart aluminium windows are compatible with a range of accessories & locking systems. We offer a wide range of colours and finishes, as well as a comprehensive selection of aluminium window styles.

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Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is the material of choice for commercial applications, but has also gained tremendous popularity in the residential sector over the past few years.

You will find many homeowners opting for aluminium’s super slim frames and fashionable colour choices over standard uPVC windows. Aluminium windows are stylish, new and modern – there has never been a better time to enter the aluminium window market.

Allowing you to appeal to a large demographic of homeowners, aluminium windows can be easily installed into both modern and traditional properties, without any detrimental effect to aesthetic or window performance. Open up your market and a become a Sternfenster Approved Installer, today.

Whether you are an experienced aluminium installer, or are just thinking of entering this market, Sternfenster is the ideal partner for you.

We are focused on delivering high quality aluminium windows at short lead times and competitive trade prices to help you win more business in this market.

If you’re new to aluminium, our dedicated technical department is always on hand to help you run your installations as smooth as possible.

Our strong, durable and attractive aluminium windows will not only bring value to your home but will increase appearances with their smooth and sleek profiles.

Due to their inherent strength, aluminium windows come with elegant, slim frames which allow for more glazing, offering better views and letting in more natural light.

Aluminium windows look fantastic in modern homes, with their sleek, strong and contemporary profiles offering elegance and security.

Hugely versatile, aluminium windows can be designed to fit almost any shape or design due to their flexible material properties. This means your aluminium windows can be as bespoke as you like, with a comprehensive range of designs, RAL colours and finishes at your fingertips.

Our aluminium windows are built with a thermally broken aluminium frame and polyamide bridge, achieving outstanding energy performance. This design results in a higher standard of heat retention and guarantees a superior standard of energy management throughout.

The energy efficiency of our aluminium windows will also notably increase the standard of central heating. This improved performance means heating will be needed less frequently, therefore reducing heating costs and carbon footprint, simultaneously.

Our aluminium windows are manufactured using Smart aluminium profiles. We offer three market-leading profiles from Smart including: Alitherm 600, Alitherm 800 and the Heritage 47 suites.

We also offer Smart EcoFutural tilt and turn windows which are suitable for all types of applications, both commercial and residential.

The Smart profile offers unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency, security and durability. There really is no better window design to offer to your customers, ensuring you achieve satisfaction every time.

Aluminium Colour Options

Our smart aluminium windows are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes. Our KL colour range offers short lead times whilst our RAL colour options offer a world of choice. We also offer bespoke colour options which include the Sensation range from Smart which features beautiful textured finishes. Our aluminium windows can also be specified in a choice of wood finishes, as well as dual colour options where you have different colours on the inside and outside of the frame.


Our Aluminium Profiles

We offer three main ranges of aluminium windows that stand out from the crowd thanks to their looks, strength, versatility and thermal efficiency. This not only allows an extended range of choice, it also makes it possible to accommodate for a wide scope of properties, both contemporary and traditional.

Although incredibly strong and robust, aluminium is also very malleable during the fabrication process, which enables our windows to benefit from a single piece design. This eliminates the need for corner joints, which can cause security and performance issues over time.

Our Evolution aluminium windows are manufactured with the Alitherm Heritage 47 profile system from Smart, built to the exact requirements of Document L. They allow you to offer your customer a classically charming window for their home.

These aluminium windows are designed for heritage and renovation projects, acting as replacements for old steel windows. They feature a high performance polyamide bridge that allows out of date buildings to benefit from modern thermal efficiency.

Our Evolution windows are the perfect for old or listed buildings where planning constraints need to be considered. They can blend seamlessly into any building type due to their comprehensive range of colours, guaranteeing easy installation.

The Heritage 47 profile is the modern solution for traditional and period homes. It utilises a series of horizontal modules to create a multi-part window, loyally capturing the classical charm of an aesthetic that has been loved for generations.

Although traditional in design, the Heritage 47 profile upholds modern standards of quality and performance. Featuring an intelligently designed polyamide bridge, our aluminium windows contain a thermal break to ensure exceptional standards of energy efficiency throughout your home.

To guarantee you get the perfect aesthetic for your property, we offer all aluminium windows featuring the Heritage 47 profile in a wide range of colours, including standard, non-standard, metallic, dual colours, Smart’s Sensations textured and Alchemy anodised finishes.

The Alitherm 600 range has an ovolo finish of the external edge of the sash and outer frame, making it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. It is also available in crimped/mechanical corners, chamfered or square profile designs.

The aluminium window profile has been designed to be fully compliant with Building Regulations Document L and is fully inspired by the traditional timber window. Offer your customers a window that is beautifully classic in appearance but modern in design.


With the Alitherm 600 range you can also offer a wide range of colours, from the full RAL colour range to all the colours and textures unique to Smart. This allows you to ensure your customer gets the perfect windows for their home, quickly and easily.

Capturing the essence of traditional timber windows, the Alitherm 600 profile is a versatile system that can be effortlessly fitted into both residential and light commercial properties. Elegant and styled with precision, this aluminium window profile is built to impress.

The Alitherm 600 profile also features innovative thermal break technology, which consists of a high-performance polyamide bridge. This contemporary feature is intelligently designed to significantly reduce thermal transmittance, resulting in a higher standard of heat retention for your home.

To guarantee that our aluminium windows are the perfect addition to your home, we offer a comprehensive range of colour options. You can decorate your windows with a choice from Smart’s colour ranges, including ‘Metallic’, ‘Sensations’ and ‘Alchemy’. You’ll also be able to choose a dual colour option that allows you to complement the interior and exterior of your home, seamlessly.

We offer a range of profile designs for you to choose from. The fabrication process can be completed by a method of mechanical or crimped corners, which allows for an ovolo, chamfered or squared profile finish.

Excelling in design, performance and aesthetic, our aluminium windows meet the exact requirements of Document L, 2010. This ensures a standard of product that will prove itself to be a worthy investment for your home, delivering satisfaction over many years.

As an incredibly versatile design, the Alitherm 800 profile can be seamlessly fitted into both modern and traditional homes. It can be used to create casement windows that have been inspired by the traditional timber design, or windows that exude more contemporary styling best suited to modern homes.

Fitted with a high performance and intelligently designed polyamide bridge, the Alitherm 800 profile upholds outstanding levels of thermal efficiency. This will result in a higher degree of heat retention for your property, allowing to enjoy to lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions.

All of our aluminium windows that feature that Alitherm 800 profile can be decorated in a wide range of colours, ensuring you get the perfect choice for your home. This includes Smart’s Sensations range, as well as standard, non-standard, metallic, dual colours and Alchemy anodised finishes.

Maximum side hung sash width 700mm, maximum side hung height 1400mm

Maximum top hung sash width 1400mm, maximum top hung height 1200mm

Hardware Options

Bright Chrome
Bright Bronze
Satin Chrome
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Bronze
Satin Chrome
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Aluminium Windows

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive range of colours and finishes
  • 10 year guarantee on aluminium finishes
  • Modern slim sightlines
  • Superior EDM rubber seal gaskets and weather brushes for excellent weather resistance
  • Polyamide thermal barrier to reduce heat loss

Aluminium Window Prices

Contact us today for aluminium window prices and arrange a free quotation. Our staff will be happy to help with your enquiries.

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