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Toughened Glass Sealed Units

Annealed And Toughened Glass

We offer high strength annealed and toughened glass for a wide of applications.

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Annealed And Toughened Glass

Our toughened glass is processed by controlled thermal treatments which increase its strength. Before the glass is manufactured into sealed units, it goes through our toughening plant which quickly heats it up to 700 degrees.

The glass is then rapidly cooled down, changing its molecular structure and transforming it into a stronger product. When broken, toughened glass shatters into small pieces, which are considerably less likely to cause injury.

Toughened glass is required in certain designated areas of a property (residential and commercial) to comply with Building Regulations.

This type of glass enhances the security level of a sealed unit thanks to a plastic film that bonds together two layers of glass, making it extremely difficult to break through.

Laminated glass is especially used in vulnerable areas, where there is a possibility of human impact.

This glass is extremely strong and will not break into sharp pieces even when subjected to repetitive mechanical stress. Our laminated glass is also a good noise insulator and blocks UV radiation.

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