Old Whitemore Farm – Mr Wells

Published 14 December 2023 by Bart

Old Whitemore Farm


When purchasing his new home, Mr Wells knew there were energy improvements needed to make the home more energy efficient. After researching his options, like heat pumps and panels, he decided it was time to replace his windows as they had become insufficient.

During this process, Mr Wells discovered us locally through Google and a neighbour’s recommendation. With enough information, he reached out and enquired about the options we offered to improve the energy efficiency of his home. Once we provided our knowledge and expertise, we settled on stunning triple-glazed windows.

After our fast and cost-effective products and services, Mr Wells was happy that the triple glazing made such a difference externally, as well as improving the energy efficiency of his home. He was also impressed by the communication we offered from enquiry to after-sales.

Thank you for your review, Mr Wells; we’re glad you had an exceptional experience!

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