Flush Sash Double Glazed Windows – Mr Prestwood

Published 14 December 2023 by Bart

Flush Sash Double Glazed Windows


When Mr Prestwood moved into the area to be closer to his family, he wanted to give his new home the care and attention it deserved. With gas and electricity prices increasing alongside the older home’s original boiler, Mr Prestwood decided to give his home a much-needed boost with our products and services.

Initially looking at our Timber Windows, Mr Prestwood was impressed with the suitability of our Flush Sash Double Glazed Windows. Offering the practicality and usability he was looking for, he settled for a set of our white systems. They were the perfect, long-lasting and durable system he was looking for, which offered them increased warmth as they made their house a home.

During the consultation, our experienced team were there to assist Mr Prestwood with our product knowledge and expertise and show them the possibilities available to them.

We’re so glad to hear Mr Prestwood is happy with the final product!


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