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Colour On uPVC & Aluminium Windows

Published 17th June 2020 by Sternfenster Categories: Sternfenster Installer Network, Updates

We have embraced colour across our PVC-U but also aluminium ranges with rapid lead times delivering commercial advantage to our customers in the post-lockdown era.

Foils are driving the PVC-U market, but colour has also had a significant impact on aluminium.

We have embraced colour across both our PVC-U and aluminium offers, through our partnership with Deceuninck, but also the unique investment we have made in our inhouse PVC-U paint facility and aluminium powder coating line.

This, argues Mike Parczuk, our Managing Director, has been instrumental in supporting us and our customers’ growth, something he suggests is delivering significant commercial advantage to us now, as the industry moves out of lockdown.

“The homeowners who are spending money, now post lockdown, are those with more disposable income behind them, and they’re making a more considered choice. That’s not a big change from where we were.

“Lead times are, however, far more important. End-users want product more quickly and our customers need to get cash back into their businesses. That makes lead times more important.”

5-day lead on aluminium

Delivered as part of a £3.6m investment in our dedicated aluminium manufacturing facility in 2017, our aluminium coating line means we can offer turnaround times of 10-days on standard colours, and only 5-days as part of our premium service.

This includes the Visoline aluminium bi-folding door, manufactured in the Smart Visofold System, and inline sliding doors fabricated in Smart Visoglide. We also offer the highly flexible Alitherm 300 window.

“The demand for aluminium was there before lockdown and it’s clear that it’s there now. Again, the difference is that the end-user wanted it ‘yesterday’.

“Having our own powder coating line does two things. It gives us control of process and control of lead times; and it allows us to guarantee the quality of what we’re supplying”, says Mike. “Our customers can go out with confidence and win new business on the strength of their lead times”, he adds.

Water-based colours in less than half the time of foils

This includes not only aluminium but the supply of spray-painted PVC-U product in lead times half that or less, of those for standard foils.

Using the latest high-performance water-based paint technologies and guaranteed for 10-years, this includes the supply of eight satin-finishes from stock including, Pebble Grey; Slate Grey; Platinum Grey; Blue Grey; Ivory; Anthracite Grey; Pigeon Blue; and Agate Grey.

This is available across not only our Deceuninck offer but also StyleLine, our seamless Graf-welded window; Spectus; R9; and composite door ranges.

“We’ve seen demand for colour in PVC-U products grow significantly over the last 10-years and foils remain a key part of our offer. Deceuninck has established itself as an industry leader in foil supply”, continues Mike.

“The additional flexibility that we’re able to offer through our paint facility, is, however, important in supporting us in delivering more flexibility and choice to our customers – we can spray to any RAL colour.

“A lot of the product going into home improvement is being sold as a hybrid-solution. Aluminium bi-folds sold alongside PVC-U windows in say, grey.

“You’re not looking for a woodgrain, so if you can deliver product in a lead time of less than half that for your average foil, sell the benefits of a water-based paint, why wouldn’t you?

“Colour is a key driver of the PVC-U and aluminium markets. As we come through and out the other side of lockdown, installers need to be cashing in on the demand that we know is there. That means having access to the right product in either aluminium or PVC-U – but also being able to offer the right lead times.

“Homeowners have had a long time to think about what they want.”


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