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Published 2 November 2021 by Bart
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At Sternfenster, we’re set to revolutionise our customer support with the launch of Proposal Builder, a next generation ‘lead to delivery’ quotation system. Nominated as a finalist in two categories at the forthcoming G21 Awards, our commitment to innovation is what sets Sternfenster apart.

Mike Parczuk, our Managing Director, says:

“We’ve been in business for 46-years and we’ve seen plenty of highs and lows in that time, but the last 18-months have without doubt been the most challenging period in the company’s history.”

“From the moment we emerged from the first lockdown, demand has gone through the roof. That’s coincided with a lack of raw materials, constant prices rises, the disruption from Covid and the chaos of the ‘pingdemic’.”

Mike adds:

“Operating throughout the pandemic has not been easy. We have struggled at times to achieve the high standard of service that we normally expect of ourselves.”

“But despite the challenges, we have worked hard to introduce new initiatives, to improve the level of support for our customers and also to reward and recognise our outstanding workforce.”

mike parczuk sternfenster proposal builder

As one of the first fabricators to respond to demand and open up out of lockdown, we know that customer communication has never been more important. We’ve been able to keep our lines of communication open through traditional channels such as email and phone, but also via our unique online customer portal, Sternfenster Plus (SF Plus).

Registering over 94,000 page views in the first five months of 2021 alone, SF Plus has helped to deliver a genuine step change in our customer service. We’re also proud at Sternfenster that SFPlus has earned us a nomination for Best Service Initiative at the forthcoming G21 Awards – in addition to our nomination in the Best Fabricator category.

Mike continues:

“SF Plus played a vital role in our ability to be able to open up again after the first lockdown. As well as a regularly updated news feed, our customers use it to check on the status of quotes, contracts and deliveries and even access a live production capacity feed across our entire PVC and aluminium product range.”

“It’s proved to be an extremely valuable tool, but it is just one part of a complete package of digital resources that we have developed to enable our customers to operate more effectively and efficiently. That includes EasyAdmin, our CRM system and Proposal Builder, which – when fully launched – will  help to transform the way our customers do business.”

Proposal Builder is our next generation online quotation package, designed to create a complete ‘cradle to grave’ quote to delivery solution.

This starts with a homeowner creating an initial quote by inputting the dimensions of the windows and doors they need – including colour and glazing options – via a customer’s website.

This information, including specific pricing or discounts, is then replicated in the customer’s EasyAdmin system. Proposal Builder then allows an installer to create a digital, branded quotation pack, one that’s tailored precisely to the requirements of the prospect.

sfplus proposal builder

“Proposal Builder allows our customers to present a highly professional quote, complete with imagery and video – once finalised, it will also include a virtual showroom, allowing homeowners to configure any product in our PVC and aluminium range for colour, hardware or glass specification.”

“As an online system, the main advantage of Proposal Builder, is that it will enable end users to book a survey, pay a deposit or place an order with just the click of a button.”

Mike concludes:

“That order is then transferred to EasyAdmin, and from there it is sent straight into production. The whole process is streamlined, we’re introducing a whole new level of support for our customers.”

“That’s going to allow them to operate more efficiently, more profitably and ultimately, put them in a much better position to manage their business going forward.”

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