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Published 2 May 2021 by Sternfenster
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Installing bi-fold doors can seem tricky. After all, these doors have a quite complex design that requires a smooth operation to work properly. However, installing bi-fold doors doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing high-quality designs for your business and following a few tips, you can make sure all the bi-fold doors you fit for your clients go in seamlessly.

Bi-fold doors do a lot of work for homes and even commercial spaces. Not only do they open indoors to outdoors with their folding opening and fully glazed design, but they also secure properties and protect them from the elements. It’s why every component in a set of bifold doors needs to work perfectly. Not only that, the measurements need to be accurate, the doors need to be sealed properly, and the door has to operate smoothly.

With Sternfenster, though, you can make sure installing bi-fold doors is easy. Not only do we supply high-quality Smart Visofold bi-fold doors with aluminium profiles, but we can give you the tips and tricks needed to install them. Once we do that, your business can become one of our Sternfenster Approved Installers, making you a trusted name in your area. Speak to Sternfenster today to find out more about installing bi-fold doors!

installing aluminium bi-fold doors

Installing Bi-Fold Doors: Preparation

Installing bi-fold doors takes a bit of preparation. Firstly, if your client wants their doors to replace old ones, then you’ll need to measure out the area they’re going in. You should make sure to leave a 5mm margin of error to allow the doors to fit into this space seamlessly. From there, you should also measure the new bi-fold doors when they arrive for an easy fit.

Once you’ve done that, it’ll be time to remove the old doors. You can begin by removing the hinges and the door leaves, and you should make sure any debris you leave behind gets cleaned up. A great tip for removing old bi-fold doors is to remove as much of the frame as possible straight away – this reduces the overall weight. From there, use a sharp knife to break the bond between the wall and frame, remove the fixings and then any sealant or loose mortar.

Once the old doors are fully removed, you can begin preparing the new design and installing the bi-fold doors. Firstly, you should ensure that you fill the sides of the cill with sealant and fit the endcaps on them. Because of this, you’ll stop moisture from causing any issues. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start installing new bi-fold doors.

fitting bi-fold doors

Installing Bi-Fold Doors: Fitting

Your first step to installing new bi-fold doors is to fit the cill. Place it on the aperture and, if needed, use packers to ensure that the cill is level. At that point, you can remove the cill and fill the space with enough sealant to hold the design in place. Again, doing this ensures that moisture can’t get underneath your doors and cause any operational issues for your customers. Once the cill is in position and the corner protectors are removed, you’ll be ready to fit the new system.

Place the frame in the aperture and make sure the 5mm margin is maintained. From there, place temporary fixings on one side of the frame 150mm from each corner. It’s important to not fully tighten the fixings at this stage – pilot drill first. It would help if you also used packers adjacent to each fixing point. Once you tighten them, these packers will prevent distortion and ensure a square fit.

Once all fixings are in place, ensure the outer frame is fitted square and level. Check the door handle and the operation to make sure your doors glide freely. Once the door is all in, make sure to remove any taping you lay down and clean the profiles to ensure a sleek finish. Finally, you’ll have finished installing bi-fold doors for your customers promptly and professionally.

installing sternfenster bi-fold doors

Installing Bi-Fold Doors with Sternfenster

With these tips, installing any bi-fold doors is easier. However, installing Sternfenster’s market-leading bi-fold doors is simple for installers and beneficial to homeowners. We supply high-quality doors from Smart and deliver them to your business as your order demands. We can give these systems to you at our trade counter or deliver them nationwide as well.

By becoming a Sternfenster Approved Installer, you can offer our full range of bi-fold door options and provide more choice to your customers. Not only that, you can become fully qualified to fit our bi-fold door designs. Customers will be able to find you by searching for installers in their area, too, meaning they’ll see you in seconds. When your business is installing high-quality bi-fold doors, you’re making customers and investors happy.

Installing Sternfenster Bi-Fold Doors

Discover just how easy installing bi-fold doors from Sternfenster is today!

Join our network of Approved Installers to start fitting the best as soon as possible. And, if you’d like to know more about how we can help your business, get in touch with us via our online contact form.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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