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Our accredited network of installers offers the highest quality uPVC and aluminium products with excellent customer service.

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  • Yiddo24
    Worked here a few years as a contractor, never had any issues, the engineers are all good lads and they have a great subsidised canteen! Full English and a brew for £1.60👍🏻😉
  • nick pattinson
    The place is ok,but a person puts a bad review on,but worked there 20 plus years 😆,but still they put me out of a job,managers can't get their hands up quick enough to do it
  • Daniel Burke
    I spent 6 years at this company plus almost 2 years on their agency. I really enjoyed my job and would have loved to have stay there much longer. The pay was reasonably good for the north of england and the breaks were good to. They paid a respectful sick pay also. One thing i really liked about working here was the level of health and saftey at...
  • John F Howard
    Magnet in Norwich had telephone issues this morning and I was extremely irritated not being able to make contact with them about a delivery due today. I made contact with head office in Darlington and a young lady called Katie took my call and was amazingly efficient and apologetic (thanks to her for that she is a credit to the Magnet Group). I...