uPVC Windows Prices

Published 29 June 2017 by Bart

How much do uPVC windows cost? The answer to this question relies on several factors. As a guide, our uPVC Window prices range from around £402 to around £701. These window prices are determined by the size of the window, the number of panels you require, the colour you choose and the hardware you opt for. View our handy uPVC windows prices guide to find your ideal choice.

Our uPVC windows have become a hugely popular choice for homeowners across the UK, capturing an instantly recognisable home improvement that has been enhanced to modern standards with intelligent and contemporary manufacturing techniques. Our exceptional range of uPVC Window prices will allow you to find the perfect style for your property in no time at all. We’ll work with you to ensure you find the perfect uPVC window cost for your budget.

Although uPVC windows prices are hard to pin down off the bat, we are still able to offer a range of windows costs that have been determined by individual specifications. We offer uPVC window prices on our casement windows, sliding sash windows and flush sash windows. With this in mind, you’ll be able to gain a hold on how much you could be spending on enhancing your property with an outstanding home improvement.

uPVC Windows Costs

How Much Do uPVC Windows Cost?

uPVC Casement Window Prices

The uPVC Window prices below are based on white uPVC, internally beaded StyleLine casement windows that are fitted with energy efficient double glazing and an external cill.

Width (mm) Height (mm) Retail Sales Price
1100 1070 £401.94
1200 1170 £426.18
1300 1270 £458.47
1400 1370 £484.11

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices

The uPVC Window prices below are based on white uPVC, internally beaded sliding sash windows that are fitted with energy efficient double glazing and an external cill.

Width (mm) Height (mm) Retail Sales Price
700 1200 £621.17
800 1300 £646.29
900 1400 £671.58
1000 1500 £700.15

uPVC Flush Sash Windows Prices

The uPVC window prices below are based on white uPVC, internally beaded flush sash windows that are fitted with energy efficient double glazing an external cill.

Width (mm) Height (mm) Retail Sales Price
1100 1070 £411.23
1200 1170 £436.13
1300 1270 £469.79
1400 1370 £496.09

uPVC Window Costs: Getting the Right Price to Suit You

We understand that the difference in uPVC windows can be a little confusing. With a comprehensive range of options, colours, accessories, opening configurations, panel counts, locks, handles, hinges, profiles and glazing on offer, finding the right uPVC window cost for you can seem to be a time-consuming and drawn out process. We strive to make things as simple as possible for you when you’re looking for a uPVC windows price that suit your budget.

Our expert team of professional installers will work with you to ensure any new addition to your property has been tailored to your specifications. This will not only make our window prices as cost-effective as possible, but it will also ensure that your new windows are the perfect fit for both your home and your tastes. We can easily accommodate both modern or traditional homes, offering fantastic windows prices across the board.

uPVC Window Prices

uPVC Window Costs: What Are You Paying For?

uPVC has proven to completely outclass their timber counterparts when it comes to performance, durability, cost and design. Not only will our fantastic uPVC windows prices allow you to enjoy a contemporary new addition to your home in a cost-effective way, but they will also prove to be a worthwhile investment as their inherent low maintenance ensures they will continue to perform over an extensive period of time.

You’ll also be able to benefit from a professional, reliable and efficient uPVC window installation. Our Approved Installers have accrued a wealth of experience in the home improvement industry to ensure they always deliver a service that is sure to satisfy. Not only will we work to a courteous manner, we’ll also ensure your new windows are set to perform the best that they can. Our uPVC windows prices may be cost-effective, but this does not mean we compromise on quality.

Market-Leading uPVC Windows at Competitive Prices

Our market-leading uPVC windows are exceptional quality by design, built from the ground up to excel in thermal efficiency, security, durability, performance, aesthetic, functionality and design. Promising to be an exceptional addition to your property, our uPVC windows are a modern home improvement solution for any homeowner. Our uPVC windows prices allow you to enjoy the very best, for less.

As our uPVC windows are manufactured using premium grade uPVC, they uphold an impressive degree of structural integrity that ensures they won’t rot, warp or discolour over time or use. This means that even in the face of adverse British weather, your new uPVC windows will continue to perform to the highest standards. This will also allow you to eliminate maintenance costs, meaning our uPVC windows prices will continue to bring value even after initial installation.

uPVC Window Cost

uPVC Windows: Will They Suit My Home?

Our uPVC windows are perfectly suited to all property types. Because of this, they can be fitted to all styles home. Whether your property is modern, traditional, heritage or a new build, our windows are sure to effortlessly complement the existing style. This is all due to us offering our profiles in a wide range of colours, finishes, handles and glazing options. Let us create your perfect window design at a competitive price. 

We will work with you to make sure that the cost of your new uPVC windows accurately reflects the size of the aperture you have in your home. With this, the number of panels and the type of opening configuration you require to make the most of your available space will be a determining factor in the final uPVC window cost quote. As always, we strive to make our products as cost effective as possible. Get your perfect home improvement solution without breaking the bank with our uPVC window prices.

How Should I Measure My uPVC Windows?

To ensure you get the perfect fit from your uPVC windows, you should make sure to measure them properly. Before you start, remember to measure your windows from the outside of the property. Always measure in millimetres. 

The next step is to attain the width and height of your window. This is done by measuring the brickwork opening in 3 places for both width and height. Once done, you will be able to decide your order size by using the smallest measurement and deducting 10mm. 

Height measurements must be taken from underneath any existing removable cill. If your property is rendered, you will need to remove some render to measure the brickwork edge accurately.

uPVC Window Costs: The Options Available

We offer a wide range of window styles that all operate to the highest standards. Our uPVC windows utilise the StyleLine manufacturing process, which features a state of the art Graf Welder. This ensures all joints across the window frame are completely seamless, standing as the first of their kind. With our competitive uPVC window prices, you can enjoy innovative home improvements at an accessible price.

uPVC Windows Prices: uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are a staple within the home improvement industry. They have proven to be all-rounders when it comes to performance, aesthetic and design. Our casement windows utilise market-leading techniques to ensure you can enjoy a warmer and more comfortable all throughout the year. They feature a highly thermally efficient profile that increases heat retention within your home. This reduces heating costs, allowing our windows to be a worthwhile investment.

Our casement windows are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. This allows you to capture the perfect style for your home. We offer a range of high quality woodgrain foils that are specially designed to reflect the traditional look of timber windows, without any of the maintenance problems. All of our colours are applied with a durable powder coating to ensure they maintain their fullness and richness over many years.

The uPVC windows prices table above will allow you to see our range of uPVC casement windows prices. These are based on a white uPVC, internally beaded StyleLine casement window which are fitted with energy rated double glazing and an external cill.

uPVC Windows Prices: uPVC Flush Sash Windows

Our uPVC flush sash windows are inspired by traditional joinery. They offer homeowners the perfect middle ground between the new and the old. Flush sash windows are a style that has been loved by many for generations. They capture a flush exterior that stays consistent across the frame. Flush sash windows can be installed to complement all property types and are available in a range of colours and finishes for the perfect fit.

Although traditional in appearance, our uPVC flush sash windows feature a market-leading profile. This prevents our modern windows from possessing any of the poor qualities that traditional timber profiles were well known for. This includes rotting, warping, discolouration and leaking. Enjoy traditional form with modern functionality.

The uPVC windows prices table above will allow you to see our range of uPVC flush sash windows, based on a white uPVC, internally beaded flush sash casement window. This window is fitted with energy rated double glazing with an external cill.


flush sash windows prices

Instant uPVC Windows Prices

Get in touch with us today to find out more on our highly competitive uPVC windows prices. A member of our friendly team will be on hand to help you find a uPVC window cost that perfectly suits your budget, tastes and preferences.

Alternatively, our easy to use dealer search function allows you to find your nearest Sternfenster Approved Installer. All of our Network Members uphold our highly competitive uPVC windows prices, meaning you are sure to get the best deal in your area.

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