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Published 29 July 2023 by Sternfenster
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Entrance doors are a big part of a property’s overall appearance. Not only will your door make or break the first impression visitors form of your home, but it is also responsible for how well your home is able to retain heat. Composite doors have approximately 60% more structural integrity than solid timber doors and they also provide 15-20% improved thermal efficiency. There are many different composite doors available on the market and the experts here at Sternfenster are here to make choosing your perfect door a quick and easy process. We have put together this complete composite door style guide, all you need to do is choose your favourite design.

What is a Composite Door? 

Composite doors are made from a variety of different materials but are designed to replicate the appearance of a solid timber frame closely. These doors often have a timeless style while also offering many modern benefits not found in traditional timber doors. For example, composite doors are designed with enhanced thermal performance, trustworthy security and advanced weatherproofing in mind. 

Sternfenster composite doors have a robust structure and can be designed to complement the existing appearance of period properties or enhance the aesthetic of more contemporary homes. Composite doors are low maintenance and their durable materials will stay in excellent condition for many years to come. 

Now you know what composite doors are and have discovered just a selection of their many benefits, it is time to learn more about the wide variety of styles available.  

timber finish composite doors

Composite Door Style Guide 

Choosing the perfect composite door for your home can be a challenge. There are many design factors homeowners need to consider when shopping around for the best door – style, colour and glazing being three of the most important. 

If you are thinking of investing in a Sternfenster composite door installation, take a look at our style guide. We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you to design your bespoke, dream door.

Choose Your Frame 

The front door is the entrance to your home and needs to reflect the appearance of the property as a whole. If you have a heritage home, a traditional style door can be the perfect way to upgrade an outdated timber frame, while still maintaining the classic charm of your property. In comparison, adding a contemporary style composite door to a modern new build can help homeowners to put their own personal stamp on their home. 

At Sternfenster, we offer the following composite doors styles: 

• Traditional – Our Traditional range includes 24 different styles and each can be customised to suit your design preferences. The Farmhouse is a great solution if you want a charming glassless door and the classic Carnoustie is our most popular traditional door. With its two slimline glass panels and letterbox underneath, the Carnoustie has a simple yet elegant appearance.

• Contemporary – At Sternfenster, our Contemporary composite door range includes 13 different styles. If you are looking for a modern stainless steel door, choose one of our 7 Inox door models. The doors in the Traditional range are made using highly defined mouldings and realistic woodgrain embossing on the surface. In comparison, our modern look Contemporary doors are non-moulded and use woodgrain finishes to create their timber-like appearance. These doors are perfect if you are looking to create a more futuristic aesthetic and want to get creative with different glazing patterns

Designer – If you want to make a real statement with your entrance door, choose a composite frame from the Sternfenster Designer range. This stunning selection features the smooth/etched LINKS models and the cutting-edge Moza II, customisable frames. These doors are available with glazing or as a solid design and you can choose from 6 patina stained, hancrafted finishes for a sleek and glossy appearance. 

Choose Your Colour 

custom colour ompoite doors

Once you have chosen your door, it is time to get creative. Customisable composite doors give you the opportunity to bring personality to your home and achieve your dream door design. Sternfenster doors are available in 9 standard colours, including Chartwell Green, Golden Oak and Rosewood. Homeowners can also select one of our 37 premium colours, including Clotted Cream. Agate Grey and Victory Blue. If the perfect shade isn’t available in the standard or premium ranges, these bespoke composite doors can be painted in any RAL colour as a special order. Let your personality shine, make a bold statement or follow current door colour trends – anything is possible when you choose a tailor made composite door. 

Choose Your Glazing 

Now that you have your door style and colour sorted, you need to create your finished piece by choosing your glazing. Glazing designs include the contemporary and elegant Diamonte, the popular and colourful Tranquillity and many more. Whether you want to flood the entrance to your home with natural light, maintain your privacy or add a touch of vintage style to your door, all can be achieved thanks to the multiple glazing designs. Alongside various shapes and patterns, our glazing is also available in 4, low-E toughened glass designs – Minster, Pinpoint, Rain and Satin. When selecting your door glazing, think about how much light you would like to filter into your home and make sure your chosen glass compliments the overall aesthetic of your new door. 

custom glazing for composite doors

Upgrade To a Composite Door with Sternfenster 

Sternfenster is one of the UK’s largest trade fabricators of aluminium and uPVC windows and doors. Alongside uPVC and aluminium, Sternfenster also produces top of the range composite doors. 

If you are planning on enhancing your home with a composite door installation, use our online tools to get a quote today and find an approved installer. To talk to our expert sales team directly, fill in our online contact form or call 01522 51 25 25.  

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