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Everyone’s Invited To Sternfenster’s Birthday Celebrations

Sternfenster has launched a year-long celebration for its 50th birthday, with giveaways, industry engagement, and new products and initiatives.

Published 22nd January 2024 by Sternfenster Categories: Updates

“A birthday is much more than an extra candle on the cake,” Sales Director Nathan Court said. “It is an opportunity to reflect on your successes and plan for an even better future. It is also a brilliant marketing opportunity – so brilliant that we’ve been planning how we are going to celebrate for almost a year.”

Sternfenster will be unveiling new products and strategies as each month in 2024 passes, but Nathan said the company will be focusing on five key areas: events, employees, customers, social media and giveaways.

“We’ll definitely be doing some fun stuff, like golf days and karting,” Nathan said, “but we’ll also be talking about why we’ve achieved this massive milestone – which is more than many companies can say.

“For example, we’ll be continuing our leading work on sustainability. We are in the process of installing more solar panels at our Lincoln factory, and we will develop marketing assets to help our customers engage with homeowners on the issue of sustainability – which is working because demand for triple glazing alone continues to increase monthly.”

The biggest impact where Sternfenster’s 50th birthday celebrations will be felt is on social media. Over the course of the year, the company will be sharing what it views as the key industry innovations and how the company has changed since it was established in 1974.

Sternfenster 50 years experience


“We want to have a conversation with the industry, and to share our memories of the last 50 years,” Nathan said. “For example, we have plundered our archives, and unearthed some fascinating memorabilia, such as old adverts, radio jingles, and faded photographs.

“We are also sharing our thoughts on what we think are the key innovations in the window industry, and inviting our customers to talk to us about why they choose to partner with Sternfenster.”

Sternfenster will also be giving LinkedIn users the opportunity to spin a wheel of fortune on its LinkedIn page, where they can win everything from a Sternfenster mug to free CGI video assets.

“Our 50th anniversary was too good of an opportunity to miss, which is why we’ll be making the most of it all year round, and promoting ourselves for the next 50 years,” Nathan said.

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