Sternfenster Increases Aluminium Capacity

Sternfenster increases aluminium capacity with leading-edge cutting and machining centre

Published 24 November 2020 by Bart

We have expanded the capacity of our state-of-the-art aluminium facility, with the addition of a new Schirmer ALU BAZ Composite Orbit-C machining and cutting centre.

Delivered in the autumn and representing a six-figure investment, the new Schirmer further expands our aluminium bi-fold capability, while also increasing precision and product quality.

“We also planned to expand the capacity of our aluminium bi-fold line, so this isn’t something that we have done response to the exponential growth that we have seen since the easing of lockdown but as part of a strategic investment strategy.

“That said with demand where it is, the timing of the Schirmer’s arrival is great for us and for our customers, allowing us to meet that demand but to do so sustainably”, said Mike Parczuk, Managing Director.

We committed to a £3.6m investment in a dedicated aluminium manufacturing facility in 2017. With a 30,000 sq ft shop-floor footprint, plus 10,000 sq ft of office space, this includes our own powder coating line.

Combined, plus the investment that we have made in our in-house IGU business, means that we can offer our range of aluminium bi-folding door, manufactured in the Smart Visofold System, and inline sliding doors fabricated in Smart Visoglide, glazed and in any RAL finish, on industry leading delivery times.Sternfenster Aluminium

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In addition to our aluminium door offer, we also supply Smart Systems’ Alitherm 300 which combines a high degree of design flexibility with a WER A Rating or U-value as low as 1.5W/m2K.

As well as offering rapid and ultra-precise cutting and milling of bar length, the ALU BAZ Composite Orbit-C machining and cutting centre features a highly innovative machining module.

This increases the speed of manufacture through by combining linear and rotary movements along eight axes, so that drilling and milling tools always take the shortest path around the bar profile.

Mike continued: “Aluminium has been one of the biggest drivers of industry growth. What we’ve seen over the last couple of months is that demand accelerate. We may see some interruption to that growth later this year and the start of next but long-term aluminium is going to be critical for us and our customers.

“In bringing increased precision to the start of that process in how we cut and prep bar length, as well as supporting us in manufacturing product and shipping it more quickly, the Schirmer allows us to deliver a better product – but also critically, service, to our customers.”

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