A New Video From Sternfenster

Sternfenster Launch Corporate Video

Published 20 June 2019 by Sternfenster

A New Video From Sternfenster

Sternfenster are proud to announce the completion of a stunning new corporate video. This was created to provide tradespeople and homeowners with a better insight into how the Sternfenster cogs whirl. Over the duration of the video, they offer a detailed and in-depth look at both the factory itself and the Sternfenster team members who help everything run so smoothly.

This corporate video was also commissioned to allow their customers to see how Sternfenster has continued its steady growth over the past few years, with the site now bigger than it has ever been. It shows both trades companies and homeowners a better look at the state-of-the-art equipment used to fabricate the stunning home improvement products Sternfenster offer.

However, a key message throughout this video is to promote how Sternfenster are still a family-run business, despite the growth into the largest factory to date. Sternfenster still follows the same core values and principles from when the business was first founded, despite the growth into one of the biggest names in the home improvement fenestration industry.

This stunning new corporate video also helps highlight the depth of experience that Sternfenster has within their ranks. If you’re a trades company, you want to know that your manufacturer is going to be able to deliver your home improvement products to a consistently high standard. With over a century of combined experience in their aluminium and uPVC teams, you can rely on Sternfenster.

By following the same core principles, Sternfenster can also ensure that their windows and doors are of the highest quality, even if they are shipping more of these products out of their factory in Lincoln than ever before. As highlighted in the corporate video Sternfenster launched, they offer a nationwide delivery service, allowing them to cater to a wider pool of home improvement companies.

If you’re a trades company interested in working with Sternfenster to install home improvement products across your coverage, then get in touch today. You can email Sternfenster today on sales@sternfenster.co.uk with your details, and one of their friendly team members will reach out to you with more details on joining the Approved Installer Network.

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