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Secure Your Home With Sternfenster 

Published 30th October 2023 by Keren Keyworth Categories: Updates

October is National Security Month and the perfect opportunity for homeowners to assess their current home safety measures. Our homes are full of cherished belongings, precious memories and, of course, our loved ones. Making sure your home is secure and well protected is of paramount importance. At Sternfenster, we are industry leading fabricators of high quality windows and doors that have been designed with home safety in mind. This National Security Month, we are sharing our top safety tips and revealing the many security benefits of Sternfenster windows and doors. 

National Home Security Month 

National Security Month is an annual awareness campaign, founded by established smart lock experts Yale. Started in 2013, National Security Month aims to offer valuable home protection information and advice to homeowners. Throughout October, this campaign will provide homeowners with effective burglary prevention guidance and tips for improving current safety measures. By following along with NHSM (National Home Safety Month) this October, homeowners can learn how to keep their property as safe as possible and successfully protect their beloved belongings and family.

modern & secure door locks

Safe & Secure Sternfenster Windows and Doors 

At Sternfenster, we provide a wide range of secure windows and doors. Burglars and intruders will look for vulnerable points to gain access to your home but attempting to break into a property with a Sternfenster installation is no easy feat.  

Our windows and doors are made from either high grade uPVC or strong and durable aluminium. Be it via one of our casement windows or a composite door, intruders will experience great difficulty trying to force their way inside. We understand how important security is and that is why we only supply products that have been manufactured from strong materials and designed to withstand modern break-in methods. 

Here are just some of the safety features we provide at Sternfenster:

Toughened Safety Glass Units

Sternfenster glazing is manufactured to comply with Building regulations and we produce toughened glass to keep our customers well protected. We use advanced thermal technology to create glass that is strong and ‘shatter safe’. Our safety glass is processed by controlled thermal treatments and is sent through our toughening plant, before being made into sealed units. The glass is rapidly heated to 700 degrees and then quickly cooled down again. This thermal process changes the molecular structure and produces glazing with added strength.  In the unlikely event that an intruder (or a flying object) does break through these windows, the safety glass will shatter into small pieces. While a broken window is never a good thing, the shatter sound will be enough to alert you to the intruder and the tiny pieces of glass are less likely to cause serious injury.  

Laminated Safety Glass

We offer laminated safety glass as an option for certain windows and doors in our product line. This glass is designed to offer enhanced security and the added strength makes the glazing (almost) unbreakable. Laminated safety glass is made by adding a plastic film which effectively bonds both layers of glass in the sealed unit. This manufacturing method boosts the structural strength of the glazing, ensuring it stays intact following high levels of impact.  

Secured By Design

For homeowners looking for the safest windows and doors on the market today, it is important to look out for the Secured by Design accreditation. As a police security initiative, products that comply with SBD standards have been designed and tested to keep properties safe from modern burglary techniques. Products that are SBD accredited offer police recognised security and safety features. We work with Smart Aluminium, Deceuninck and other industry leading companies to bring our installers and customers the safest window and door profiles available today. We also offer upgrades to Secured By Design whenever possible.  

Secured by Design

Home Safety Tips 

If your windows and doors are several years old, use this NHSM as a gentle push to upgrade to safer and stronger alternatives. As well as ensuring your home is fitted with secure windows and doors, here are some other essential home safety tips: 

  • Set up security cameras 
  • Install safety lighting 
  • Check the condition of window and door locks 
  • Set a security alarm when you leave the property unattended 
  • Fix any gaps/weak spots in garden fences and property parameters 
  • Ask neighbours to ‘watch’ your house while you are away 
  • Deter intruders – display a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign or add noisy gravel to your driveway, for example 
  • Lock bikes and other possessions away and out of sight 
  • Upgrade to safety locks and doorbell cameras  

Keep Your Home Safe with Sternfenster 

To learn more about the safe and secure Sternfenster product range, contact our experts on 01522 51 25 25 or fill out our online contact form.

If you are a homeowner looking to begin your home improvement project today, use our online tools to receive a bespoke quote or to find an approved installer

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