How To Protect Your Home From Damp Weather This Autumn

Published 3 October 2023 by Sternfenster
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Autumn is here and while this season can be beautiful, it also brings with it bad weather and colder temperatures. Staying in and getting cosy at home is what autumn is all about, but damp conditions can cause big problems for your property. The experts here at Sternfenster are here to help you to keep your home warm and dry this autumn – keep reading for our top damp prevention advice. 

What Causes Damp Inside The Home?

First things first, what exactly is damp? Damp is simply the term used to describe a build up of moisture. Damp inside the home can be caused by condensation or from water leaking in from outside. 

The most common types of damp found in properties include: 

  • Penetrating damp – This damp occurs when there is a leak, causing moisture to enter the walls or ceiling from outside. Common sources of penetrating damp include a damaged roof, leaking pipes or clogged up guttering.  
  • Rising damp – Rising damp mostly impacts ground floor rooms and is the result of excess ground water soaking up into the walls. This type of damp occurs when walls have not been effectively ‘damp-proofed’ or the damp protection needs replacing.  
  • Condensation – Condensation is the most common type of damp found in properties and is caused by a buildup of moisture inside of the home. When left unresolved, built up condensation can lead to mould and damage to walls and ceilings. 

As the temperature drops and we move into autumn, homes can become more susceptible to damp and the associated problems it can cause. This time of year is like a dream come true for damp as the colder the surface that hot moisture comes into contact with, the more likely condensation and mould is to thrive. 

protect home from damp weather

Signs of Damp 

Spotting damp as soon as possible is essential if you want to reduce the amount of damage caused. Knowing the signs of dampness can help you to swiftly deal with the issue, before the small problem becomes an expensive repair job. The appearance of damp can vary, but it often looks like one (or more) of the following:

  • Black patches 
  • Flaking wallpaper 
  • Black/green/white mildew 
  • Water stain marks 
  • Rotting wood 
  • Crumbling plaster 

How To Protect Your Home From Damp Weather 

Now the colder seasons are here, it is time to take a moment to protect your home from the poor weather conditions that are waiting on the horizon. Damp weather can cause damage to your home and if mould sets in, this can also put the health of you and your family members at risk. 

As window and door experts, here at Sternfenster we know all about protecting your home from the natural elements all year round. Here are our top tips for keeping your home free from damp this autumn: 

Remove Condensation 

Cold external temperatures and warm internal temperatures can lead to a buildup of moisture. Condensation inside the home is common, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you notice wet walls after cooking or following your morning shower, wipe the moisture away as soon as possible. Keep condensation at bay and you can stop mould in its tracks. 

ventilate your home

Keep Your Home Ventilated 

We know that it is cold outside, but opening your windows during the autumn is still important. By ventilating your home every day, you can clear the moisture from the air inside and protect your home from damp damage. Windows don’t need to be left open all day, 5 – 10 minutes is enough to clear the air. Of course, if there has been a build up of moisture – steam from the hob, for example – it is always a good idea to ventilate the room again as soon as possible. 

Use a Dehumidifier

If your home is prone to moisture buildup, a dehumidifier can effectively draw the damp from the air and create a dryer environment. There are many dehumidifiers available on the market today and investing in one may just save you from having to pay for expensive damp repair work in the future. 

Put the Heating On 

Keeping your home warm throughout the winter months is essential if you want to reduce your risk of damp. When and how often to use the central heating is down to the discretion of every individual homeowner. However, research shows that leaving the heating on low all day is better for your home and bills, rather than turning it on full for shorter periods of time. By keeping your home at a steady temperature all day, there is less risk of condensation building up.

protect home from cold weather

Upgrade Windows & Doors 

The cold autumn weather can lead to damp issues but the wet weather can cause other problems too. Outdated and underperforming windows and doors can be prone to water ingress and older models do not always offer effective weather protection. Autumn is the perfect time to upgrade your windows and doors and prepare your home for the cold and wet weather that is just around the corner. When investing in new windows, look for profiles with a high energy rating for better heat regulation, trickle vents for improved ventilation and high quality seals for added weather protection. Weather resistant doors are made from durable materials and double glazed units provide additional thermal efficiency.  

As well as updating the windows and doors, it is also important to give your roof and guttering a quick inspection. Check that there is no obvious damage to the roof and make sure the gutters are clear and able to provide effective drainage. 

Enhance Your Home With Sternfenster 

Sternfenster is a UK based, market-leading fabricator and we provide top of the range windows and doors. We offer high grade profiles available in both aluminium and uPVC, supplying to trade and homeowners across the country. 

When you work with us, you can rest assured that our windows and doors have been built with the British weather in mind. All of our designs offer reliable weather protection and will keep your home warm and dry throughout every season.  

Whether you are a tradesperson looking to supply and install our premium windows and doors, or a homeowner looking to upgrade your property, you can contact the Sternfenster team for more information. Call us on 01522 51 25 25 or fill in our contact form. You can also use our online tools to receive a bespoke quote or find an approved installer today!

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