How to Become More Sustainable in the New Year?

Published 9 January 2024 by Sternfenster
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Are you looking for ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? If so, there are many steps you can take to become more sustainable this new year. For example, reducing your energy usage will benefit the environment and result in cheaper home utility bills. 

At Sternfenster, we provide a large range of energy efficient home improvement products. Our product range includes a large selection of windows and doors, made from high grade uPVC and aluminium. 

Keep reading to discover our expert advice on combating rising energy bills and making your home more sustainable in 2024. 

Why Is Sustainability Important?

Living a more sustainable lifestyle has never been so important. The world is in the midst of a climate crisis, and human behaviour is playing a major role in the deterioration of our planet. 

While the statistics can be frightening, there are many steps we can all take to be more eco-conscious and environmentally friendly. To live a more sustainable lifestyle, homeowners must make their property as energy efficient and self sufficient as possible. To put it simply, by improving your home’s energy efficiency, you will be able to rely less on fossil fuels and other energy sources that are harmful to our planet. 

Sustainable living should be on the minds of every homeowner, and we are here to help you make your home more environmentally friendly in 2024. 

energy efficient bifold doors

How To Be More Sustainable 

  1. Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

An effective way to make your home more sustainable this new year is to upgrade your existing windows and doors. Poor quality and outdated windows and doors cannot offer reliable thermal performance. While the properties with underperforming installations will not receive adequate insulation and weather protection. 

If your home has single glazed windows and old fashioned doors, you may notice cold draughts seeping inside and warm air escaping. By switching to energy efficient double or triple glazing, your home will instantly benefit from improved thermal performance. 

At Sternfenster, our window and door range only includes profiles with high energy ratings. When you invest in energy efficient windows and doors, your home will stay at a comfortable temperature for longer, reducing your need for expensive and unsustainable central heating. 

energy efficient windows and doors
  1. Second Hand Shopping

Consumerism plays a large part in global pollution, and changing the way you shop is an easy way to become more sustainable this new year. Avoiding fast fashion and buying sustainably sourced clothing instead is a simple yet effective switch. 

With fast fashion responsible for 10% of the planet’s total carbon emissions, sustainable shopping is an essential part of a greener lifestyle. Shopping second hand whenever possible will also benefit the planet and your bank balance. The second hand market is full of bargains and a huge variety of products that still have plenty of life left in them. 

  1. Recycle 

To be more sustainable in 2024, you should aim to keep as much of your household waste out of landfill as possible. Landfill sites play a huge part in the pollution of the environment, and recycling can help reduce this damage. 

Alongside recycling your paper, glass, plastic and other household waste, choosing products made from recyclable materials is a positive step towards a greener lifestyle. At Sternfenster, we work with home improvement profiles that are made from recycled materials, and we are proud to offer homeowners windows and doors that have a green life cycle. 

  1. Energy Efficient Upgrades 

As well as switching to double or triple glazing, you can make your home more sustainable by investing in energy efficient appliances. Swapping outdated washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges etc for modern, energy efficient models will help to reduce your carbon footprint. Alongside benefitting the planet, energy efficient appliances will lead to reduced energy usage and cheaper bills. 

energy efficient upgrades
  1. Drive Less 

A simple sustainability tip is to drive less and walk more! 20% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions come from cars and traffic, and by walking more or using public transportation, you can help to reduce this number. 

To be a true eco warrior in 2024, walk and cycle whenever possible and only drive when you have no other option. If you are fully committed to a sustainable lifestyle, you can also consider avoiding air travel, as planes use harmful fossil fuels that contribute to climate change. 

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors From Sternfenster 

At Sternfenster, we offer a wide range of energy efficient windows and doors to homeowners and trade customers. Our window range includes several profile styles, including uPVC casement windows, Tilt & Turn windows, Smart aluminium windows and many more designs. 

We work with market-leading fabricators and only provide our customers with high quality and environmentally friendly products. 

Use our online tools to find a local installer and receive a bespoke quote today. Alternatively, you can speak to our experts by calling 01522 512525 or filling out our online contact form. Switch to Sternfenster windows and doors and make your home more sustainable in 2024. 

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