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Published 28 November 2023 by Sternfenster
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Sternfenster is the UK’s leading fabricator of uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. We bring high quality products to trade and homeowner customers, offering windows and doors to suit properties of all ages. We partner with Smart, the UK’s leading supplier of architectural aluminium systems, offering our customers products that provide unrivalled all-round performance. 

Why Choose Aluminium? 

Here at Sternfenster, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a huge selection of both uPVC and aluminium products. While uPVC has many benefits, aluminium is capable of offering superior performance in all areas. 

High grade aluminium windows and doors have many advantages, including: 

  • Superior strength 
  • Lightweight structure 
  • Durable and weatherproof material 
  • Support larger glazing panels 
  • High energy efficiency 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Quick installation process 

While uPVC and aluminium share many of the same benefits, the latter comes out on top for best overall performance. 

Benefits of Sternfenster Aluminium Windows & Doors 

By partnering with Smart, we are able to offer trade and homeowner customers a huge range of high quality aluminium windows and doors. Whether you are looking for slimline window frames or a contemporary bifold door, we have something for everyone in our aluminium collection. 

aluminium windows and doors

Superior Strength & Security 

Aluminium is significantly stronger than uPVC and can be more easily moulded into different shapes and designs. All of our aluminium windows and doors provide exceptional structural strength and are built to last. 

With an aluminium window or door installation, homes will receive reassuringly high levels of protection. Whether our customers need an aluminium Tilt & Turn window installation or are seeking to improve a property with a new front door, there will be no need for compromises. The aluminium products we work with are built with multi-point locking systems, and many of our windows and doors can be upgraded to PAS 24 enhanced security standards. 

Slim Lightweight Frames 

Contemporary aluminium windows and doors often have an attractive slimline design. Modern profiles are able to achieve this sleek and slim structure due to aluminium’s impressive strength to weight ratio. 

Unlike uPVC, aluminium can support heavy glazing while also offering stunning slimline frames. Slimmer frames allow homeowners to enjoy maximum levels of natural light and better views of their surroundings. From large patio doors to commercial business shop fronts, all of our aluminium solutions offer lightweight and visually appealing structures. 

bespoke aluminium windows

Attractive Design 

Aluminium has been used in window and door manufacturing for several decades, and modern profiles often benefit from a sleek and stylish finish. Homes of all ages can benefit from an aluminium window and door installation. Slimline aluminium has an attractive appearance and will suit the aesthetic of period properties and new builds alike. 

Working with Smart allows us to bring trade and homeowner customers a wide range of customisable aluminium products. The profiles we offer are available in an extensive collection of RAL colours, and there is a design to suit every property. 

Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly 

Last but not least, aluminium windows and doors are superior to their uPVC alternatives thanks to their high levels of energy efficiency. Advancements in technology have led to a boost in the thermal performance achieved by aluminium products. For example, the Alithern 300 Smart aluminium window has been built with a thermally broken frame and polyamide bridge. This energy efficient design will ensure outstanding and unbeatable thermal performance throughout the year for many years to come. 

An aluminium window or door installation will also benefit planet Earth. Aluminium is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly materials used in construction today. Known as the ‘green metal’, aluminium can be endlessly recycled and repurposed. By choosing aluminium, homeowners will be helping the planet and reducing their own carbon footprint. 

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Upgrade To Aluminum With Sternfenster

Aluminium windows and doors are growing in popularity, and many modern homeowners desire the strength and durability of this ‘green’ material. Here at Sternfenster, we are proud to partner with Smart, providing our customers with the best aluminium windows and doors on the market in 2023.

To learn more about our market-leading range of windows and doors, contact our team today on 01522 51 25 25. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form. 

Start your project today by using our online tool to receive a  tailor made price guide.. Alternatively, find an approved installer in your local area and start your property transformation today. 

If you would like to inquire about selling Sternfenster aluminium windows and doors, we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact our team by emailing

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