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The Difference with StyleLine Windows and Doors

Published 7 April 2015 by Sternfenster

Featuring an industry-first seamless corner weld, the exclusive new range of windows and doors from Sternfenster, StyleLine, is considered to be a major turning point in uPVC manufacturing.

We talked to Sternfenster’s Managing Director, Mike Parczuk, to find out how StyleLine can help installers thrive in an ever tighter market place, and what makes the new windows and doors stand out amongst their peers.

How is StyleLine Different from Other uPVC Products?

MP: “StyleLine combines the latest manufacturing technologies with the highest attention to detail. Elements that are 100% new and unique, such as the seamless corner weld, are complemented by highly skilled manual work to produce what we consider to be the most aesthetically pleasing uPVC windows and doors on the market.”

“We use the advanced Graf Welder to create frames with perfectly smooth corners. This unique feature alone places our windows and doors in a class of their own, but we didn’t stop here. We’ve designed the StyleLine products to be superior all-rounders, combining beautiful looks with functionality and strength.”

“Every detail has been carefully considered and perfectly applied to obtain the very best products, from mechanically jointed transoms and mullions, to timber proportioned deep cills, and high quality hardware, with optional upgrades, to name but a few.”

“The StyleLine residential doors also feature the exclusive seamless corner weld on the outer frame and sash, as well as mechanically jointed mid rails and mullions, for a truly authentic timber look that will appeal to any homeowner.”

The Seamless Corner Weld is the Result of a Completely New Manufacturing Process.

Can You Explain in More Detail How it Works?

MP: “Our advanced machinery uses patented ceramic heater plates to “zip weld” the frame corners. They push the excess plastic sprue inside the profile chambers, resulting in a corner joint that is completely smooth on the outside, and stronger on the inside. There is no need for a corner cleaning machine, meaning no loss of vinyl at the corner joints, and no unsightly grooves.”

“We offer a choice of profile systems under our StyleLine brand, from foiled Deceuninck 2500 to 2800 and Spectus . Moreover, Sternfenster is the only fabricator in the UK to offer the 19th century flush sash replica window system in three manufacturing options – standard weld, mechanically jointed, or with our exclusive StyleLine finish.”

What are Your Expectations for the New Range?

MP: “StyleLine is designed to help our customers stand out in the market place with a unique, high quality product that is very appealing to the homeowner, and has the potential to deliver better profit margins. Our investment strategy is focused on delivering innovative products in order to help installers maximise all market opportunities. We believe StyleLine will change the consumers’ view of uPVC products and will ideally position our approved retail partners to capitalise on the increasingly discerning tastes of the modern homeowner.”

You Mentioned Approved Retailers.

Will StyleLine Only be Available via an Authorised Network?

MP: “We want to give our customers all the support they need to promote StyleLine, and to ensure this, we decided to start with an approved network of dealers.”

“It’s a very unique opportunity for installers to get involved in, as they will also benefit from area exclusivity. StyleLine is a very marketable range, with obvious advantages that are easy to sell to the end consumer.”

“To make sure no opportunity is missed, we have created a complete sales package for our retail partners, from customised brochures to free showroom samples and visually impactful displays, as well as graphics explaining the StyleLine difference in a commercial manner that’s easy to relate to by the end consumer.”

How Can an Installer Become a StyleLine Retailer?

MP: “They should get in touch with us; provided they supply within an area that is still available, we’ll then work together to create a sales-oriented StyleLine presence in their showroom.”

“We can also offer sales training, if they feel it’s necessary. However, the market trials we conducted so far showed us the StyleLine products are extremely popular with the homeowners, and practically sell themselves.”

Where Will StyleLine Windows and Doors be Installed?

MP: “The versatility of our new range means we can offer StyleLine products to suit any application. The difference in quality and looks is so stark, that the majority of homeowners will decide to upgrade to StyleLine in order to get windows and doors that perform like uPVC in terms of maintenance requirements and energy efficiency, but deliver the aesthetic appeal of timber.”

What’s Next for Sternfenster?

MP: “We’re going to be very busy promoting our new range and establishing retail partners across the UK over the next few months, but we’re very focused on helping customers capitalise on all market opportunities.”

“We offer one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the UK and we invest heavily in our staff and machinery to make sure our clients are the first to capitalise on every new opportunity. To this end, we’ve got a few new exciting developments which we will unveil over the following months.”

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