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Residence Collection Windows

Residence Collection Windows

Our Residence 9, high-end timber effect windows are designed to perfectly replicate the traditional hardwood windows commonly found in cottage-type properties. Their highly authentic looks make them the perfect window replacement option.Our Residence 9 Windows are uPVC windows designed to perfectly replicate traditional hardwood windows. These luxury, high-end timber effect windows allow you to maintain a traditional appearance and are an ideal replacement option for period homes or properties based in conservation areas.

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A True Timber Alternative

Virtually indistinguishable from traditional wooden windows, these 19th century flush sash window replicas have been welcomed in many conservation areas by local councils.

Residence Collection Windows

Beautiful Flush Exterior

A perfectly flush exterior recreates the true appearance of timber whilst the interior is stylishly decorative, creating a classic, homely feel.

Residence 9 Windows

Traditional Looks. Modern Benefits

Residence 9 windows are equipped with all the modern benefits of uPVC units, delivering high energy performances for maximum comfort and minimum maintenance.

Residence Collection Windows

Traditional Hardware

To further enhance a traditional timber look, our Residence 9 Windows are available with traditional Monkey Tail handles, butt hinges, georgian bars and mechanical joints.

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Multi-Chambered uPVC Profile

Our Residence 9 windows are manufactured from a high quality 9-chambered uPVC profile extruded by systems company Eclectic Systems and can easily accommodate both 28mm double glazing, as well as 44mm triple glazing.

Residence Collection Windows

Authentic Colour Matches

The high-end windows are available in heritage colours, with “easy-clean rebates” also available in the same finish, meaning they will still look like timber even when they’re open.

The Residence Collection Windows

Residence Collection Windows

Our uPVC windows provide you with a class appearance without the high maintenance troubles usually associated with timber windows.

The Residence 9 collection was built to provide all the modern benefits of uPVC whilst delivering a high energy performance for maximum comfort. Their modern materials are virtually maintenance free so no painting or staining is required.

Cleaning your windows is a breeze, requiring minimum effort on your part. They will retain their appearance over many years, meaning they will look newer for longer – leaving you more time to do the things you love.

This luxury window can help you win more business even in conservation areas, where Residence 9 has been welcomed by both homeowners and local councils alike.

Many installers across the UK are benefiting from higher margins thanks to this 19th century flush sash replica.

What’s more, as a leading British fabricator with 40 years’ experience in the window industry, we have the capacity to manufacture the top end Residence 9 windows fast and at very competitive trade prices, allowing you to gain more margin.

The Residence 9 Collection is designed and manufactured in the UK and was created with the beautiful and enduring designs of British architecture in mind.

We offer bespoke options to satisfy all homes as well as a magnificent range of other window styles. The Residence 9 can be incorporated into French, Residential and Composite doors as well as Orangeries and conservatories.

All our windows are available in a handpicked selection of quintessentially British colours and finishes. Each can be personalised to match any existing furnishing with a fabulous choice of dual colour options.

Our uPVC windows are mechanically jointed for a genuinely authentic look, making them virtually indistinguishable from traditional wooden sash windows.

Our talented craftsmen adopt methods commonly used in timber joinery to re-create a beautiful finish to the outer sash and frame.

To further enhance a traditional timber look, our Residence 9 Windows are also available with traditional Monkey Tail handles, butt hinges, georgian bars and mechanical joints.

Show customers how their new windows will look with our Residence 9 Window Designer. It is a great sales aid, allowing the customer to pick their preferred style, colour and hardware.

Bring to life your perfect windows with our Residence 9 Window Designer. This app allows you to visualise how your new windows will look, allowing you to choose from a range of colours, hardware and style options.

Alternatively, get in touch today – we’re always happy to discuss your design choices and ideas.

Residence Collection Hardware Options

White Inline Window Handle
Gold Inline Window Handle
Bright Bronze Inline Window Handle
Bright Bronze
Bright Chrome Inline Window Handle
Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome Inline Window Handle
Satin Chrome
Graphite Inline Window Handle
Black Inline Window Handle
Antique Black Inline Window Handle
Antique Black
Gold Monkey Tail Handle
Bright Chrome Monkey Tail Handle
Bright Chrome
Graphite Monkey Tail Handle
Antique Black Monkey Tail Handle
Antique Black
Gold Tear Drop Tail Handle
Bright Chrome Tear Drop Tail Handle
Bright Chrome
Graphite Tear Drop Tail Handle
Antique Black Tear Drop Tail Handle
Antique Black
MT Operating Stay Hardex Gold
Operating Stay - Gold
MT Operating Stay Hardex Chrome
Operating Stay - Chrome
MT Operating Stay Hardex Graphite
Operating Stay - Graphite
MT Operating Stay Hardex Antique Black
Operating Stay - Antique Black
MT Dummy Stay Gold
Dummy Stay - Gold
MT Dummy Stay Chrome
Dummy Stay - Chrome
MT Dummy Stay Graphite
Dummy Stay - Graphite
MT Dummy Stay Antique Black
Dummy Stay - Antique Black

Colour Options

Choose from Eclectics wide range of attractive & stylish colour and foil options. Designed to suit modern and traditional homes, these finishes will complete your home.

grained white grained white
clotted cream clotted cream
Vintage Cream Vintage Cream
cotswold biscuit cotswold biscuit
painswick painswick
coarse lawn on white coarse lawn on white
electric grey electric grey
no 10 black no 10 black
silvered oak silvered oak
english oak english oak
irish oak irish oak
golden oak golden oak
rosewood rosewood
Grained White
Clotted Cream
Vintage Cream
Cotswold Biscuit
Coarse Lawn on White
Eclectic Grey
No. 10 Black
Silvered Oak
English Oak
Irish Oak
Golden Oak

Traditional Joinery

Using state-of-the-art machinery, we are also able to supply the Residence 9 sashes and outer frames with a high quality seamless welded finish.

Sternfenster is the first UK fabricator to produce Residence 9 with the Seamless Quad Welder from Graf Synergy.

Most uPVC windows are finished with grooved corners and a corner cleaning machine is needed in order to remove the plastic sprue resulted when two sections of the frame are welded together.

However, with our revolutionary machinery, the excess plastic is actually pushed inside the chambers, resulting in an impeccable, seamless finish that does not require any grooving.

Our Residence 9 windows with a seamless corner welds are not only superior in looks, but also sturdier.

State-of-the-art machinery is used to ensure a high quality, seamless welded finish. All our Residence 9 windows have a super sleek frame thanks to this method, resulting in beautiful sightlines as well as a sturdier frame. This manufacturing process guarantees an aesthetic that is consistent, crisp and high quality across the board.

This design also increases inherent window strength, by offering a joint that achieves an enhanced standard of weld strength. Overall, StyleLine Windows offer an increased degree of home security that enables you to enjoy heightened peace of mind.

As well as our more traditional mechanical jointing manufacturing process and our unique, seamless weld, we are also able to supply Residence 9 windows with conventionally welded sashes and traditional butt joints for the outer frame.

Our standard welded sash is just as authentic as the seamless weld but suits those looking for more of a standard window frame. It features conventionally welded sashes and traditional butt joints to the outer frame, providing a beautiful and classic finish.

This allows you to enjoy all of the benefits that the StyleLine window design offers, whilst still outfitting your home with windows that match your tastes, preferences and property perfectly. These windows guarantee themselves to be a wonderful addition.

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Residence 9 Window Prices

For high luxury timber replica windows, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.
All our Residence 9 Windows are well priced and will be a beautiful and long lasting investment for your home.
Contact us today for excellent window trade prices. Request a free quote for the Residence 9 Window Collection.

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