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Aluminium Lantern Roofs

Stratus Aluminium Roof Lantern

The Stratus aluminium roof lantern design has become synonymous with excellence, offering a standard of performance and design that is unmatched in the current market.

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Aluminium Roof Lantern Prices

Our roof lanterns feature a fixed 20° pitch, allowing for discrete top caps and internal covers. This keeps sightlines maximised for increased views and natural light allowance, utilising a 66% smaller ridge than standard systems.

Modern, Sleek Design

stratus thermal lantern roof
Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns are 65% more thermally-efficient than others in market, working to increase the heat retention of any property. These roofs feature polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks, which are 533 times more thermally efficient than aluminium.


stratus thermal lantern roof
Roof Lanterns Sternfenster

Due to the premium materials and modern manufacturing techniques used across our roof lanterns, they capture a hard wearing aluminium exterior for a premium look. This modern style supports the ridge solely by the hip rafters for a slim, stylish look.

Inherently Strong Roof Lanterns

stratus thermal lantern roof
Aluminium Lantern Roofs

To suit a wide range of property styles and sizes, we offer two way, three way and contemporary designs to choose from with sizes up to 3m x 6m. This allows these roof lanterns to be a flexible and versatile option.

Design Flexibility

stratus thermal lantern roof
Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Due to the inherent strength of aluminium, they are able to be manufactured from impressively slim frames without compromising on structural integrity. This allows them to offer generous amounts of glazing for an impressive degree of natural light allowance throughout the room.

Brighten Up Any Property

stratus thermal lantern roof
Aluminium Roof Lanterns

This roof lantern is available in two distinguished colours ‘Crisp White (RAL 9016)’ and ‘Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)’. Both of these options perfectly complement the contemporary appearance of the roof lantern design, allowing for a beautiful finish.

Colour Choice

stratus thermal lantern roof

Exceptional Aluminium Roof Lanterns

To ensure market-leading standards, we offer the very best in roof lantern design. This means that they excel in appearance, performance, structural integrity and durability. They stand as a truly modern, stunning and sleek addition to any home.

Roof lanterns are the perfect option for increasing the amount of natural light entering a room. Operating as a glazed roof feature, these lanterns will act as the focal point of any roof, offering eye catching and beautiful aesthetics.

Designed for the modern age, aluminium has proven itself to be the ideal choice for home improvement solutions. It achieves exceptional security and longevity of alternative materials, without the bulk or maintenance problems.

Due to the quality that they offer, roof lanterns allow living areas to be used all year round and for multiple purpose. They are a smart way to increase the comfort and appearance of any property in a discreet and current way.

In their infancy, many aluminium products could not match the thermal efficiency properties of uPVC or timber. This made them an inferior choice for homes. However, recent innovations allow newer aluminium designs to not only match other materials, but surpass it.

All of our roof lanterns are fitted with innovative thermal break technology, which enables homes to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This means that they can intelligently bypass the problem of homes becoming like an oven or freezer over the seasons.

The integration of polyamide nylon, glass composite thermal breaks allows the roof lanterns that we offer to achieve a standard of thermal efficiency that is 65% more effective than conventional aluminium roof systems.

Increasing the heat retention of any property brings a wide range of benefits, including increased comfort and the potential for decreased heating bills. This is made possible because the warmth from the central heating is kept in the home for a longer period of time, reducing energy use.

Unlike timber, and in some cases uPVC, our aluminium roof lanterns require very little maintenance for them to maintain their ‘as new’ look. All they will need is the occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep the roof clean.

Due to their inherent qualities, they also won’t rot, warp, twist, peel or flake when exposed to the elements for a long time. You won’t need to repaint, cut or sand these roos for them to keep their shape across the course of the year.

As roof lanterns can sometimes be difficult to reach, minimal maintenance is essential for both practical and safety reasons. It also increased the life span of the product, proving to be a worthwhile and lasting investment for any home.

Aluminium Roof Lanterns Prices

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